“Human Resources, key for the growth of the Company” Confindustria at Uteco


“Human Resources, key for the growth of the Company”, is the topic of the second meeting of “Il Cenacolo dell’Impresa”, a four sessions itinerant seminar planned and arranged by Piccola Industria of Confindustria Verona. This matter concerns the companies in Verona in this particular historical moment of change in the scenery and companies’ culture.   

For this second session, Confindustria has chosen Uteco as location to discuss  a crucial topic, which closely affects all Companies: the human resources, with the aim to facilitate the meeting between businessmen and managers of small and medium companies operating in Verona.

Great attendance at the meeting held in the big Conference Room of Uteco Group. In the talk show, hosted by Mr. Mario Puliero, Director of TeleArena, three were the outstanding speakers: Ms. Maria Raffaella Caprioglio, President of Umana, Mr. Filippo Girardi, President of Midac  and Mr. Marco Salvatori, President of Just Italy.

All agree to consider the human resources as an essential asset, a key element for every Company, on which to focus so as to make the difference. Three tales of three big Companies, which, as Uteco, have never stopped investing and believing in the growth and training of their staff.

After the Talk Show, Confindustria has handed a plate to Uteco CFO Mr. Simone Quinto. Later, a short guided tour of Uteco plant has been carried out to see one of the most reliable and growing company in Veneto. The event has ended with a buffet in the new production plant Uteco 3.