Uteco 4: Die neue Fabrik.


Uteco, leader in the production and marketing of printing and converting machines, confirms the trend of exponential growth in the sales of Rotogravure printing machines announcing the construction of a new plant that will be operating and functional in early 2019. This new site completely dedicated to rotogravure machines will allow to optimize production processes to guarantee faster delivery times. "We chose a building that could respond to our sudden need for business expansion and therefore space dedicated to production. 

It is a plant of about 10.700 square meters adjacent to the current "Technology Center". A choice that allows us to be more flexible and to test in print, as per Uteco’s tradition, every machine before shipping. This allows our customers, once they have received the machine at their facilities, to put them into production in a very short time and with reduced costs". States Alessandro Bicego B.U Rotogravure Manager.