Confindustria organized the general assembly in Verona on February 16th, 2018, an event that involves the entire Italian business system, after the last convention of 2011, anticipating it compared to the usual periodicity to give a clear message to the future Italian government with the priorities that Italian companies consider strategic for their future and their growth both on domestic and  international markets (all press agencies reported the important messages launched by President Boccia).

Mr. Aldo Peretti, CEO and shareholder of the Uteco Group, took part and spoke as president of Acimga (and vice president of Confindustria Verona and an elected member of the Confindustria general council in Rome) about  two of the most significant assembly themes on internationalization: Europe and  world perspective, and on innovation: the changing enterprise, presided by the vice-president Pedrollo.

On internationalization Mr. Peretti emphasized the importance of an event such as Print4All, as part of the Innovation Alliance with the Milan fair, that will be held in May / June 2018, to promote Made in Italy to all the markets of the Mediterranean, Europe and worldwide  and for which we are working to give maximum emphasis to the new machines and technologies of the packaging sector, with a trend of participating groups and companies  that is exceeding all expectations with the aim of surpassing the large numbers of visitors registered by Italian fairs present at  the Expo 2015 (see photos).
The second intervention is linked to the theme of Industry 4.0, which represents a model of success both for the results it has already produced so far in terms of process innovation, cultural growth and investment, and for the potential it presents. The intervention of Mr. Peretti therefore wanted to emphasize the importance of a future phase of the plan that promotes in all world markets the importance as a factor of technological excellence of Made in Italy, compared to global competitor countries such as Germany, which boast as of today of having begun before and further ahead of the Italian industrial world regarding industry 4.0.

Present at the event were also 'press champions', important Italian converters. All the above mentioned themes  however, will  be emphasized by Uteco in  upcoming promotional campaigns towards all international markets.