Innovation factory

We collaborate with the Research and Development department to design new functions, new technologies for internal and productive processes, trials for innovative applications.

Uteco 4.0

The so-called fourth industrial revolution, which introduced intelligent technologies in the manufacturing industry, is already partially real at Uteco.

On the other hand, it is largely in continuous development, thanks to the constant investments that make our plants a factory where innovation is always fermenting.

In the industry 4.0 regarding the manufacturing sector, Uteco is at the forefront: we have adopted innovative technologies and solutions in the internal processes, in the product design and production, in the data management, in the development of intelligent systems for the machines functioning.

With an eye to the future, we conduct cutting-edge studies on digital printing, which we have introduced into our printing technologies to design hybrid solutions.

Innovation has always been part of us

We promote scientific and technological research in order to realize highly automated and safe machines and processes, also respectful of the environment, of the customers’ safety and of their operators’ health. We apply innovative technologies to product lifecycle management, to human resources and to the customer relationship management. 

ConverDrome®, where innovation comes to life



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