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Uteco Data Acquisition and Analysis (U.D.A.A)

U.D.A.A. is a computer software interconnected to the printing process that acquires, elaborates and stores all sensitive data for the analysis of consumption (inks, electricity, etc.). It consists of four modules:

  • ink module: it measures and records the ink consumption;
  • O.E.E (Overal Equipment Effectiveness) module: it measures and records the machine efficiency parameters, such as uptime and downtime, alarms and anomalies;
  • ENERGY module: it measures and records the energy consumption;
  • DATA LOGGER module: it measures and register the machine processing data.

The system generates automatically PDF and CSV reports that are shared with the customers via web interface, thus allowing them to monitor the entire state of the machine. U.D.A.A. is designed for the management of processing data coming from different printing machines.

The advanced EB technology

The EB technology uses EB - Electron Beam inks with drying, ideal for printing food packaging. The printed product is safe for food and compliant to the current legislation on food packaging.

The machines equipped with EB technology are ergonomic, efficient and eco-friendly. They are simple and easy to use; they maintain a stable production at 400 m/min; they reduce the environmental impact with minimal risk for the operator, not releasing solvent vapors.

Showed for the first time on the Onyx XS EcoOne at Drupa 2016, the EB treatment eliminates solvent vapors and, thanks to its greater energy efficiency, contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases. All the flexo lines can be equipped with EB technology.

Types of ink

Extended Color Gamut printing

We know the importance of color quality in packaging and how much it can affect the purchase phase of the product, for this reason we have invested years in research and development to guarantee the best printing quality with the Extended Color Gamut.

Using this technology allows you to print in 7 colors (CMYKOGB) and to be able to obtain an intensity, quality and brilliance of color incomparable to four-color process.

Uteco machines are already set up for Extended Color Gamut printing without compromising the printing speed and guaranteeing fast and economical job changes.

eptacromia pantone

Uteco ECOSmartPack®

ECOSmartPack® is a package of innovative technologies with reduced environmental impact. We can install it on machines to meet the multiple customers needs. They are the result of our research and trials on inks and adhesives, waste reduction and energy saving.

Water-based inks are suitable for plastic materials and allow customers to save on solvent reclaimer systems; they are suitable for water-based and solventless adhesives intended for food packaging as well. With EB and UVi-UV Led inks, the food packaging is safe and compliant with the current legislation.

uteco green technology mark

Patented technologies for flexographic and SIL printing

Technologies for digital printing

Uteco technologies on rotogravure machines

Technologies on Uteco coating and laminating machines

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