Uteco innovative spirit is celebrated all over the world

Sapphire EVO,
printing machine developed in partnership with Kodak, is awarded for
its revolutionary and innovative technology.

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Innovative since forever a pioneer in digital priting

Being a leader in printing and converting means pushing beyond the standards. This is why technological innovation is part of our DNA and guides all our activities, with one goal: offering excellent solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers. In this way the partnership with KODAK started. The cooperation led to the birth of Sapphire EVO M and Sapphire EVO W, the digital hybrid printing machines for flexible packaging that integrate KODAK Stream and Ultrastream Continuous Inkjet technology. Revolutionary machines capable of printing very high-resolution graphics, using water-based inks with low environmental impact on any material: from paper to films. A solution that combines low operating costs and high productivity with exceptional print quality, opening up infinite production possibilities. This is our idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation.

Converters and brands expect sustainable quality solutions that support brand integrity. We are proud to partner with Kodak in order to deliver new technologies that meet these needs and enable our customers to grow.



Sapphire EVO redefines digital printing

Discover the features that make the Sapphire EVO so extraordinary.

Small and medium runs Maximum quality
Reduced operating costs High productivity
Materials paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic Printing on film and paper
Water-based inks Respect food standards

The most awarded range in Uteco history

For us, being innovative means contributing to the evolution of the packaging and graphics sector. A value recognized by the most important international institutes.

Sapphire EVO M

Sapphire EVO W