Aldo Peretti

Aldo Peretti, born in 1958, Magna Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino.

After years of important experience as Managing or Division Director of multinational Groups in the Automotive, Machine tools and Packaging sectors, he is called upon by the president Renato Chivilò to join the Uteco Group, initially as General Manager, then to his current position as Group President and CEO,  President of Uteco North America, and second Shareholder of the Group.

Among the other institutional offices he is President of the ACIMGA Category Association,  Vice-President
of Confindustria Verona with responsibility for productivity and investments and was elected to the General Council of Confindustria in Rome. Member of the CFI Fair Committee of Confindustria, he is also in Federmacchine Board  and in the Federation of Paper and Graphics Board.  


Simone Quinto

Born in 1964, he holds a degree in Business Economics and lives in Verona.

He acquired his managerial expertise working in multinational contexts. He was contacted in January 2008 directly by Mr. Renato Chivilò to offer his services for implementing the development plans at an economic, financial and corporate level.

Currently, he is the CFO of the Group, besides being Executive Director of Uteco Concerting S.p.A. and Vice-President of Uteco North America Inc.

He is a minority shareholder.


Stefano Russo

Born in 1961, he holds a degree in Electronic Engineering obtained at the University of Padua and lives in the province of Verona.

He honed his managerial skills in multinational contexts, in the food packaging and industrial logistics sectors.

He joined Uteco Group at the start of 2012 with the aim of strengthening and developing the company's technical-production management, and currently holds the position of Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director.

Davide Cucinella

Born in 1962, he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Genoa and lives in the province of Alessandria.

He has developed his managerial skills in private and multinational contexts, in the field of specialized automatic electro-mechanics machines with high technological level.

He joined Uteco Group in the middle of 2015 with the challenge of keep going the constant development of the sales and marketing activities of the company, and currently holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer.