Department for machining

Uteco Group, leader in the production of printing machines designed for flexible packaging applications for over 30 years, provides internally to the machining operations. Therefore Uteco has always focused on excellence and quality of products “Made in Italy”, and it confirmed the trend once again by selecting FPT Industrie S.p.a.’s experience of 40 years’ manufacturing CNC Milling and Boring machines.

Uteco Group has decided to purchase Dinomax: an innovative moving bridge Gantry vertical milling machine with upperguideways, suitable for heavy duty machining as well as high-speed cutting technology for finishing operations.

Upon Uteco’s specific requirement, the company FPT Industrie S.p.a. has developed an innovative tool changer system that works in safety in two distinct areas of the machine, collecting the tools from a centralized, double deck, multi-tool storage area.

The machine is completed by: a double, touch screen control panel, video cameras monitoring the machining operations, self-levelling magnetic plates.

Uteco also purchased and installed a new Mazak milling & turning center, for 4-axis continuous works, to expand and complete the turning department.

Painting department

For the improvement of the painting department Uteco built two cabins with innovative filtering system and a programmed maintenance system to ensure a cleaner working environment, safe and healthy.

Furthermore, Uteco Group has chosen the reliability of products Graco Inc., a leading global manufacturer of systems and components for fluid handling, since 1926. In fact, two dispensers Promix 2KE, designed for multicolor applications, bi-component and in the cabin were installed. The dosers are capable of maintaining the ratio within the predefined tolerance limits and are provided with fluid valves cartridge that allow an easier maintenance.

An LCD display for setting and monitoring of the work with standard operating functions, can display the mixing ratio, the duration times helpful and scope of the material and the ability to track costs and produce environmental reports.

The final testing of the new painting line will be executed on January 25th.

Carpentry department

An additional investment has also touched the carpentry department, where a new intake system Rivaossigeno part of Gruppo Sapio, a company that for over 90 years has been serving its clients producing and marketing industrial gases has been installed.

The new system, with its four arms fitted with suction activated carbon, enables a faster and more efficient extraction and filtration of welding fumes.

An investment that turns out to be critical to a healthy work environment, in a green business perspective, increasingly attentive to eco-sustainability.

Logistic department

For the expansion of the logistics department a new transporter was purchased, specifically designed to Uteco Group by the company Morello Sas, engaged since 1946 in the solution of the material transport and handling problems within each type of company.

The cart is designed in such a way as to ensure the transport of a maximum weight of 40 tons, with a height of 50 cm from the ground.