Uteco Converting S.p.A. is the world leader in the production of printing and converting machines designed for the most different flexible packaging applications.

Uteco offers innovative solutions through its wide range of flexographic and rotogravure printing machines, coating and laminating machines, Inkjet- hybrid and digital production and high-tech tailored machines.
constantly focusing on research and innovation.

The company's headquarters are based in Colognola ai Colli, to the east of Verona (Italy), and include some 75,000 m2 of production space, with the Central Plant, Uteco Plant#2 , Uteco Plant#3 and  the further enlargement Uteco Plant#4 that will be officially inaugurated by the end of summer 2019 but already operational.

Over 350 specialists in design, production, control, assistance, marketing and sales work in the plants.


Uteco is operating on its best to be a market leader in the supply of cost-efficient and technologically innovative printing and converting solutions, as a response to the new needs of the market, with a total respect of the environment regulations and energy saving. Our recent ascent to a leadership position among European producers equipment for flexible packaging is a result of:

  • Huge investments in R&D to promote the development of evolutionary printing and converting technologies;
  • Uteco’s organizational flexibility and engineering capacities to implement innovative solutions in response to today’s rapidly changing environments;
  • The development of a fast and efficient global customer service.