Thermilox®: a revolutionary patent for flexographic printing

The recent patent Uteco Group Thermilox® has been tested by reference Customers and final users in the F&B and Personal Care field, as part of the EB technology. The last tests confirms that Thermilox® is essential for the Green Adavanced EB technology. It strongly contributes to the print quality in all the technologies in which the inks need accurate temperatures during operations. 

Thermilox® ensures  a continuous and accurate control of the ink temperature during the printing. This results in a unique brilliance and chromatic yield, previously unknown, meeting the various standards of the printing applications (food packaging, pet food, personal care etc.).

The main Thermilox® advantages are:
- Ink thermoregulation before entering the doctor blade chamber
- Constant ink temperature regulation optimizing any ink type (EB and UV) regardless of the single UV coverage
- Constant ink viscosity regulation through a precise temperature control
- Overheating sleeve prevention during all the printing phase, reducing web accumulation and avoiding sleeves deformation.