17th of September 2015: Uteco at the traditional symposium organized by DFTA, Stuttgart, Germany


As every year, DFTA organizes the traditional symposium about the subject of flexographic press. All the speeches are sustained by experts in the fields of industry and research.
Every year DFTA has about 1000 partecipants, and Uteco has been selected as "significant company" to attend the DFTA prestigious debate contributing, through his expert, to the discussion about the innovations in the flexographic printing field. The speech will focus to the discovery of variable graphic on the flexographic printing.
Uteco Group is honored to be a key player at DFTA conference, as only company representing  the "Made in Italy" in Germany, also on the strength of his reference in German market with “Uteco Deutschland” and references about sales at primary German groups.
Where: DFTA Flexodruck Fachverband e.V., Nobelstraße 5B, 70569 Stuttgart, Deutschland
When: 17th of September 2015, h. 1:50 PM
Speaker: Dott. Ing. Matteo Lanata
Theme: The discovery of variable graphics in flexographic printing.