As promised, following the numerous and important trade fairs held during 2016 (the most important ones being the Drupa and K, in Germany), and participation as a Platinum Sponsor at the Flexo Day of Bologna (where Uteco spoke of EB and UV LED technology ) Uteco has in store the realization of important internal company events that will give ample space to the news, presenting the projects and innovative solutions from every point of view, in perspective with continuous testing and orientation to obtain increasingly significant results.

First of which is the Open House which took place recently. Two days entirely dedicated to the rotogravure flagship of Uteco Group: the Next 450, which was attended by a number of customers and brand owners, suppliers and partners (including Swansea University, UK, who has been working with Uteco for the realization of the project "Printed Electronics").

Both days were opened with an initial brief presentation of the machine, held by Alessandro Bicego, Rotogravure BU Manager, as well as creator of the Next 450 project and Andrea Caselli, Uteco Southern Europe Sales Manager & Product Marketing Coordinator. Afterwards, a short tour of the Technological Excellence center ConverDrome® accompanied those present at the gravure press. Here, viewers were able to see the machine in operation to create the highest quality press proofing, thanks to the many possible outcomes of the machine strengths such as toughness, smart register, great ease of use thanks to the design of new ergonomic elements that increase the comfort and reduce changeover times and maximum work efficiency of ventilation systems and drying Cube System, patented Uteco, which provide significant energy savings.

These are some of the technical data of the performance:

- Carried out the printing of a first subject, made of PET films 12 my at a speed of 450 m / min

- Carried out the automatic 4-color washing

- Carried out the exchange testing quick work in just 10 minutes

- Carried out the restart with automatic pre-registration (7 colors) with registry machine in less than 100 m

- Carried out the printing of a second subject, realized on my ldpe 30 at a speed of 300 m / min

- The subject proposed for printing both jobs was high print coverage.

The demonstrations attracted great amazement from all customers for the log quality obtained on PET material, also during the acceleration ramps, but above all for the excellent sealing of the register (on both extremes of the press) with ldpe: results achieved by the newest of the chill roller management system (motorized).

During the demo,  the noise generated by the printing machine at 450 m / min, was also measured and it did not exceed 73 DbA

Two days of great success, culminating in an agreement for the purchase of the Next 450 machine in ConverDrome® and the newly born NXS  by an Italian printer. This concludes  this first week of the Technology Days at the end of 2016, at the closing of  the events Drupa and K. After the Flexo Day events in ATIF and Roto Days in Uteco,  in the coming weeks, there are organized technological study days also on Digital, the Extrusion , the offset and the coupling and coating.

Coming soon, the newsletters.