5S Project: for a continuous improvement


In line with the principles of Lean Production, for years applied for the optimization of labor standards and the resulting improvement in operating performance, Uteco implements, in the context of continuous improvement, a new project based on the 5S philosophy.

The 5S methodology, from the Japanese culture, summarizes in five steps a systematic and repeatable method for the optimization of labor standards and thus oriented to eliminating waste, helping to reduce costs and delivery times, as well as improving quality of work.

The 5S correspond to the initials of the five Japanese words that make up the five steps that characterize the methodology:

SEIRI – TO SEPARATE: to organize, to separate the useful things from useless ones eliminating the latter.

SEITON – TO ORDER: to place the useful things in an orderly way. This way everyone will know what is their place.

SEISO – TO CLEAN: to make an "intelligent cleansing" of the workplace. A clean and tidy work environment is an environment in which one works best.

SEIKETSU – TO STANDARD: to systematize and standardize operating procedures and communicate them to everyone in the most simple and effective way.

SHITSUKE – TO RESPECT: to respect all the standards defined and apply the first 4 S in order to maintain and improve the results achieved.

This additional project has been applied in the production field and is aimed at facilitating the success of each job within the company, in a clean and tidy environment.

The key to success in the application of this methodology is the human resources, from the managers who must assume the role of sponsors and be active in the project first hand, to involve the whole team and ensure that it is able to operate in a way respecting the standardized procedures.

Uteco, always at the forefront in the continuous improvement of its quality standards.