Successful test for Uteco and UV LED flexo machine first sale


On October 13th and 14th the live printing demo of the mid-web 8-colors central drum ONYX 810 was held at Uteco headquarters in Colognola ai Colli.

This machine is the first fully equipped with energy high saving UV-LED lamps worldwide, for a more responsible production towards the environment, thanks to the ECOFRIENDLY inks used.

The machine has passed all the tests with flying colors and will be available from next November at La Gerunda Merletti Srl, a leading Italian company in the flexible packaging industry for over 40 years.

The new ONYX 810 is a great example of  Uteco’s ability to meet all customer’s needs, even the most specific.

The machine has in fact been designed ad hoc with a maximum printing width of 1250 mm, a maximum printing repeat of 1100 mm and seven AMS UV LED lamps for the polymerization of the material (with the addition of a further housing for an additional AMS unit); It is also equipped with Uteco Direct Drive Evo® patented systems  and Thermilox®, whose advantages lead to an improved productivity.

The printing tests finally confirmed the excellence of the machine, reaching a printing speed of 400 m/min. on materials meant for food packaging.

Uteco proves once again to be a leading-edge manufacturer of high-performance and environmentally friendly machines. The success of the tests and the arrangement of new orders reaffirm this position.