In this renewed edition of Converflex 2018, perfectly integrated in the new Print4All Event, in an expanded area of more than 300 sqm in Hall 18 - Stand E02 / G01, Uteco Group will present with all its internal and international sales force to provide all Visitors who, according to forecasts, have already shown an exceptional increase from the 2015 edition, with detailed information on its complete range of packaging and converting machines.

Live on Show will be: 
GAIA the EB inkjet digital machine in a newest version compared to the one presented during LabelExpo 2017 which, following the great success obtained, has been implemented in its performances thanks to several and more performing DOD inkjets and Inks of  latest generation.

RAINBOW 4.0, the solventless laminator for both short and long runs with a perfect web tension control, suitable for all materials in food packaging. The complete automation of the machine in Key Industry 4.0 allows considerable savings in production times and costs. Just completed  at the beginning of last summer, mainly because of  considerable increasing orders also of the other laminating / coating machines that complete the range, it was necessary a further expansion of Uteco Group, Plant # 4, ( ready at tne end of 2018)  where a new production line will be dedicated to this range, to special machines and the latest rotogravure.
Running concurrently with Print4All, thanks to daily connections from/to Milan, in Uteco Plant #2 and at the ConverDrome® - our R&D Center of Excellence - Open Days will take place during which you can view all the machines in the Flexo range in different stages of assembly, fine tuning and printing, rotogravure,  coating and laminating machines, but a special importance will be given to May 30th and 31st: Two Special Days!

Welcome Guests can attend the World Premiere of:

SAPPHIRE EVO CIJ-Stream Technologies hybrid digital / analogue printing machine, perfect for short runs requiring high print quality, with "tailor made" configurations where water-based inks guarantee minimal environmental impact and rotogravure printing runs on latest generation rotogravure  NXS 300, characterized by a modular design and ultra-compact, fully automatic,  suitable for very short runs that will print using water based inks thanks to the latest developments in this green technology and the remarkable results obtained in partnership with major manufacturers of inks