At the DB Hotel-Verona, during a first day of agents ’meeting, , the entire sales force of Uteco Group coming from all over the world met and compared eachothers different and important issues:
numbers, results, forecasts and sales strategies with important motivational inputs offered from the beginning by Mr Galli speech - on the push of growth that the new acquisition by the big financial group NB Reinassance has brought and that will bring in the coming years.

Market analysis, new and strengthened company structure in terms of Project Management Updates, Service & Customer Care have preceded two important testimonies of well-known Italian Converters who, by presenting their companies, have both underlined the strong partnership with Uteco, focusing on reasons that pushed them towards choosing Uteco as a technological partner and giving very interesting ideas about their needs for an imminent future.

Then it was time on stage for some agents who exposing their sales experience and real  Case History as examples of negotiations  highlighting the effectiveness power  of a "right"  but "in time” offer and the followed success.

The second day of the meeting was held at the Uteco Technological Centre ConverDrome®  where masters and professional figures of printing technologies presented topics such as hepatcromia, color matching and waterbased ink where  technological partners where involved  in joint development projects and technical support offered thanks to a wide networks.

The two  Demos held in the afternoon have strongly captured the sales force's attention for important technological innovations involved and their  already achieved considerable successes in terms of sales:
Sapphire Evo,  the fastest continuous inkjet solution in the market approaching the speed of 300mpm and powered by Stream technology from KODAK, using water based inks ready for the food packaging and Mistral,the only "dual / combi" machine on the market, able to move from a duplex lamination to a triplex one without changing the trolley. During the demo infact the machine made a duplex solvent lamination job and a triplex solventless one in less then four minutes, thanks to the innovative two units system:one fixed for solventless and one dedicated for multipurpose trolleys.

The results achieved in 2018 and the new strategic plans for 2019 as well as the complete range of printing machines further enlarged in its performances,  have given all participants a further impulse to consolidate the Uteco leadership  in the most of world markets.