The annual gathering of the Technical Committee organized by ERA (European Rotogravure Association) was held in Verona, on March 30th and 31st, with the collaboration of Uteco Group.
On March 30th Uteco’s Rotogravure B.U. Manager Alessandro Bicego presented to the committee the new Uteco rotogravure range illustrating the benefits of the leading machines of the range (NXS 300, Next 350 and Next 450) and the environmental aspects related to their use.
“The Uteco rotogravure project started mainly because of the requests raised by our customers and by the most important players of Food & Beverage field which, thanks to our established global leadership in the flexographic machines production, asked Uteco to produce a range of rotogravure machines with the same high quality. We can currently state that Uteco is the worldwide leading manufacturer of printing machines for flexible packaging” - says Bicego - which continues: “Three years ago we started  developing a new rotogravure range. The first machine (Next 450) was presented in 2015 and just a year later, in 2016, broke all sales records. Two new models will be presented during 2017: Next 350 and NXS 300, respectively customized for the Asian market and the market of labels.
This new machines generation pays  special attention to the environmental impact associated with the use of the machines themselves. As presented during the technical committee gathering through specific projects, aimed at energy savings, a reduction of more than 700 tonnes per year in CO2 emissions has been achieved in comparison to the previous models, in addiction to a considerable reduction in operating costs.
We are also working alongside with a multinational  corporation on a project aimed to obtain a printing process for the food packaging as sustainable as possible, thanks to solvent free inks.
The secret of such a renewed success in rotogravure machines?
A hard team work, strongly set to reach the goal. A goal which keeps renewing itself each time it’s reached in order to pursue our own growth and constant improvement.
During the official dinner held on the same day, and attended by the entire Uteco, Aldo Peretti (CEO), Simone Quinto (CFO) and Davide Cucinella (CMO), Uteco was awarded as a new member of ERA. Accepting the award Alessandro Bicego himself.
A major role was played on March 31 st by the Uteco headquarter in Colognola ai Colli, set for the day of a tour along all three production plants for the whole commission. The final act was the successful live demo on the Next 450 machine, with printing up to 450 m/min on plastic films.
Mr. Bicego concludes: "I’m extremely satisfied and flattered for the compliments we got by all the attendees for the event organization, and most of all for the positive comments on our rotogravure technologies".