“Dressed up in grand style” for the Labelexpo. Uteco, with two booths, shows all the latest innovations for the label field (Onyx XS and NXS 300) and the new digital solution: Gaia.


HALL 4 STAND A25 - Together with ebeam Technologies and INX Digital, Uteco introduces the digital printing machine Gaia.

Gaia is a modular inkjet digital press, flexible and easy to use, designed for the printing on flexible substrates. Different brands of inks can be used, to better satisfy the various requests from the market and customer needs, with EB polymerization technologies. Thanks to INX Digital and the recent developments they made zero migration food inks, Gaia is suitable to face the food packaging market in a safety way, with an eye also to preserve a very low impact on the environment.

Furthermore, as a result of the cooperation with EB Technologies, Gaia integrates the innovative Ebeam Compact lamp in its digital process, allowing the complete polymerization of the inks.

The new digital Gaia, which combines the abilities of Uteco Group, the experience of INX Digital and the innovative know-hows of ebeam Technologies, is a high technical and competitive product in the digital market. At LabelExpo Uteco will introduce the entry level model, with printing speed up to 25 m/min, 720x360 dpi resolution and the opportunity to customize as much as possible the printing process, also with the addition of traditional inline units, like the flexographic ones. Gaia will be then available also in a deluxe version, with printing engine of 1200x1200 dpi, up to 100 m/min. In both cases, the machine is modular and available in different printing widths.

Therefore, Gaia is the perfect solution for packaging and pharmaceutical markets. In the next development, it will be also suitable for printing with UV and UV LED inks.  In its first version, the new digital machine will make use of INX Digital experience as concerns EB inks, but, in the future, the customer will not be bound to use only these inks.

HALL 4 STAND B37 - Uteco will be available in a representation booth together with his Business Partner in Benelux Advanced Machinery for discussing about the two machines specially designed for label sector: the compact flexo machine Onyx XS and the new rotogravure machine NXS 300.

Onyx XS is the compact version of the Onyx range, featuring the latest Uteco’s flexo technology and designed to optimize very short runs in flexible packaging, with a speed up to 300 m/min. In addition to conventional air drying, Onyx XS can be equipped with UV lamps and EB curing unit. The most relevant features of Onyx XS are:

Flexible configuration, from basic with single reel shaftless unwinder/rewinder to fully automatic ones

No ladders or stairs to access to upper decks for an easy and quick sleeve change

Between color dryers easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance operations

New triple energy saving ventilation system Cube for drying (patented)

NXS 300 is characterized by a modular ultra-compact design, suitable for very short-runs, with speed up to 300 m/min. This gravure printing press is equipped with:

Combi drying system: powerful compact energy-saving system that allows a strong reduction of noise thanks to the combi technology.

Dual trolley: versatile trolley for extremely fast job changes and trolley set-up. With this system, it is possible to change the cylinder, the inking system, or both at the same time.

Printing Units fully encapsulated to reduce VOC emissions and noise pollution.

Doctor blade and ink tray with automatic positioning.