FLEXO Event 2019 in Bogotà, Colombia


The FLEXO 2019 event was held on March 21-22, in Bogotà, Colombia.

The event was realized thanks to an organizing team composed of: Uteco, DuPont, Harper, 3M, Grafikontrol, Gama, in addition to the presence of the local agent Chemisolution.

The first part of the event took place at the Hotel Marriot in Bogotà, and found an adherence beyond expectations, thanks to the perfect organization of the support agency able to attract around 150 people. For Uteco, the speech was made by Vice President Uteco LAM Alessandro Baldo, who was able to capture the attention of those present, talking about the technological advantages of Uteco in the various printing and converting technologies and then focusing on flexo printing with organizational structure based on "Extended Gamut". Uteco has started offering this technological process since 2004.

The first day ended with a dinner at a well-known restaurant in Bogotà, where networking was highly appreciated by all the participants.

The second day coincided with the Open House held at FlexPack S.A.S. It is very difficult to explain this event, which was a mix of feelings, briefly summarized through the following words: FAMILY, TECHNOLOGY, PARTNERSHIP, TRUST and FRIENDSHIP.

The exceptional González family, in the people of Carlos, Maribel and Karen, opened their company to their clients in the morning, and to potential customers of Uteco in the second part of the day.

In total, over 130 people were present, including 70 who attended the seminar the day before.

This event also coincided with the inauguration of the Uteco flexographic machine, the Onyx XS, added to the Onyx 876, which has been operating for years in FlexPack S.A.S.

Carlos Alberto González and his wife Maribel presented FlexPack S.A.S. A company of about 70 people, defined by the owner as "a Family"  and perceived as such by those who were present -, which produces, prints, laminates high quality flexible packaging, both for the Colombian and foreign markets.

The speech by Karen González clarified the reasons which led to the choice of this second Uteco machine, starting from the reliability of the performances, to the 7/24 support of the Uteco team, to the commercial support in choosing not a machine, but the right machine for FlexPack SAS.

The day continued with the speeches of the Uteco Vice President LAM Alessandro Baldo, of the CMO Davide Cucinella to then let the "machine speak" with the comprehensive explanations, step by step, of the technicians Claudio Ragno and Matteo Moscardo at the console.

Those present obtained different print samples, made on polypropylene, with 8-color internal printing and in-line register application of "Matt Varnish" with the reprint function. Reprint register tolerances were well below the total 80 microns, at a print speed of 300 meters per minute.

The details that aroused particular interest and attention, were the times of job changeover, of set-up for reprinting and the ease of use of the machine.

A special thanks to the company FlexPack S.A.S and to the fantastic González family that allowed the realization of this event.