Seminars 7 & 9 May 2019: The Uteco Group technological offer


The main Portuguese Printers and Converters participated in a two-day full immersion event dedicated to the wide technological proposal offered by Uteco Group, which analyzed all the latest innovations developed in the different ranges  of flexo, roto and digital printing and  in coating & laminating ranges.

In the two wonderful locations  at Hotel Sana, Malhoa in Lisbon and in Porto at the Solverde Spa & Wellness Center, Marinhe, Alessandro Baldo - Uteco Vice President of Sales in Latin America, Spain and Portugal - illustrated all the latest innovation of the Uteco range, speaking of Eptachromy, Gamut Extended, Color Matching.

During his speech, the most advantageous aspects of the brand new Sapphire Evo for digital printing at 300 mts / min and the renewed range of Horizon, Mistral and Rainbow 4.0 laminators were studied in depth. Wide space has been dedicated to the new Rotogravure NXS300 which has further expanded the already tested NEXT range, perfect for very short jobs with truly minimal waste material and obviously to the Core Business Flexo which has always seen Uteco in the top sales in almost all countries.

Furthermore, Mr. Kris De Smet of the well-known company BALDWIN TECH explained in great detail the current theme of Color Matching & In-line Spectral Color measurement.

The seminar was greatly appreciated by all the participants who promised to visit the 4 Uteco plants in Verona where, on 80,000 m2 of  industrial area, they will be able to view the over 50 machines in continuous cycle production.