Diamond HP

The DIAMOND HP represents Uteco’s excellence in flexographic printing. Short runs, increased quality and reduced waste and set-up times remain priorities in today’s flexible packaging market. The DIAMOND HP is the ideal answer for top converters who require increased flexibility and consolidation of equipment to streamline operations.

The DIAMOND HP reaches a maximum printing speed of 600 m/min.
Thermoregulation by air of the CI group frame, carbon fibre sleeve mandrels, sleeve ejection system, new and efficient drying system, improved high-performance winders, dynamic adjustment of printing pressures (P2P®), new automatic washing system (SprintWash®), and an upgraded press supervisor (ShopWareHP®), give the DIAMOND HP a significant competitive advantage in the production of both large and small orders.

The DIAMOND HP print deck represents an evolution of the well tested, dual-guided and patented print unit of the Uteco Emerald flexographic press.
The sleeve change is completely automatic and can be managed by the press operator from both the press supervisor as well as the CI printing group.

PCT® - Press Control During Transition
New Uteco platform for low waste and fast setting of:
- printing pressures (Touch & Go® + Kiss & Go®)
- registers (Click & Drag®) in partnership with Grafikontrol.

PTC® - Predictable Torque Control. 

This software system allows predictive control of plate mandrel servomotor’s torque in varying print conditions to ensure best available print register accuracy.

Direct Drive Evo®
The Direct Drive Evo® technology by Uteco grants unique performances which give converters important benefits.
Chamber Doctor Blade

Sprint Wash®
DIAMOND può essere anche equipaggiata con il sistema di lavaggio automatico modulare progettato da Uteco. Possono essere impostati tre differenti cicli di lavaggio (breve - medio - intensivo) a seconda delle esigenze che l’operatore può selezionare dal supervisore macchina.


Diamond HP 808

The 808 model, the most compact machine in DIAMOND HP range, is ideal for printing on film for flexible packaging. Featured by plate and anilox sleeve quick change the machine is expression of great productivity, with its printing speed of 600 m/min both with solvent based and water based inks.
Thanks to the reliability of the printing group frame and the new drying system, as well as the high stability of the color unit, that characterizes the machine, it can be defined the queen of the 8 colors flexo printing presses.
The DIAMOND HP 808 is the highest expression of Uteco’s Direct Drive Evo® potentialities, marking the whole DIAMOND HP range of presses.


Diamond HP 812

The DIAMOND HP 812 is a highly productive press certainly suitable for the production of paper and polyethylene industrial bags and for the print of shrink film for packaging of big beverage bottles.
For the models with more than 1400 mm width, the machine is equipped with elevating platforms and sleeve carrying trolleys, which are clamped directly to the platforms, in order to help the operator with the sleeves change.
For printing applications on paper/cardboard this model is often completed with in line units for varnish coating and for lacquering in register with printing. These flexo or gravure units, that are in line with the central drum printing group, are supplied both with empowered air drying system and with UV lamps or EB groups depending on the applications.


Diamond HP 108

The DIAMOND 10 color series features two models differentiated only by maximum repeat length. The DIAMOND HP 108 with a standard repeat is most commonly used in conventional flexible packaging applications and the DIAMOND HP 112 with its longer repeat is well suited for
shrink films and industrial applications.
These robust presses are equipped with a very efficient drying system on both the CI section as well as the drying tunnel, in order to reduce solvent retention even at high printing speeds.
Depending on the configuration they can be equipped with either ladders or lift platforms to assist the operator with sleeve changes on the upper decks.


Diamond HP 112

The DIAMOND HP 112 model best serves the industrial & high volume sack and bag market, as well as those applications requiring long print repeats.
This model maintains all the features of the DIAMOND series and can be equipped with in-line print/coating flexo units for back printing and/or coating and in-register varnish, either air dried or UV cured.


Diamond VHP

Diamond VHP, the CI flexographic press which prints at 800 m/min, represents the ideal mix of long run needs with the goal of reducing unproductive job changeover times as well. This machine can be equipped with different type of automatic splice unwinder/rewinder groups, shafted or shaftless, suitable for film, paper and board and for reel diameters ranging from 1000 up to 1800 mm. 


Diamond PP

The Diamond PP flexo range represents the ideal solution for Preprint Linerboard applications and the highest print quality on large corrugated or cardboard packaging. Job changes are performed by an anthropomorphic robotic system for an easy loading/unloading of printing and anilox sleeves. This solution allows a for fast and ergonomic handling of large change-over parts. The Diamond PP can be supplied with upstream and/or downstream flexographic or gravure units for primer, lacquer or in-register varnish.

Technical characteristics Diamond HP



808 / 812

108 / 112



Max. print width


1000 / 1600

1000 / 1600

1000 / 1800

1700 / 2500

Min. repeat


310 / 440

310- 350 / 440

310 / 440

550 / 760

Max. repeat


850 / 1250

850 / 1250



Line speed