Next 350


Next 350: a machine designed on the basis of the Next 450 with the aim to mantain high the printing quality but reducing operation costs for each run
Next 350 was designed with the ambition to achieve the following objectives:
• Faster job change
• Reduced setup time  through automated solutions
• Maximum efficiency drying system
• Simplify controls in a centralized location

Inking encapsulated
The inking system  is enclosed to eliminate emissions and ink misting in the printing area. The doctor blade is extremely rigid yet lightweight. Wide range of positioning controls (angle / point) of the doctor blade at all cylinder sizes.

Trolleys job change
At the end of job, the  washed cylinders, are expelled and  new ones relative to the next job inserted through a semi-automatic trolley system, with a significant reduction in job change time. NEXT 350 is designed to work with both integral and hollow shaft cylinders .

Efficient and noiseless ventilation/drying system
NEXT 350 uses the Uteco ventilation system "CUBE" which provides compact design, low noise, and optimum energy efficiency
The drying capacity is achieved with hoods from 1,5 up to 4.8 meters length. They are characterized by air knives with  brand new profile that improve the efficiency and uniformity of the air flow, and the laterally opening system  allows total accessibility for cleaning / maintenance.

A centralized  totally control area
NEXT 350 features single location supervisory controls where all the machine settings can be accessed and maintained  A touchscreen supervisory HMI concentrates in one location all the process controls for quality management.

Inline press applications

The machine can be customised according to your own printing needs
• Different types of rewinders and unwinders, including the shaftless type
• Thermoregulated infeed roller
• Corona treatment
• In-line units to produce different types of coatings or laminating
• Antistatic bars
• Precision scales for inks
• Turning bars
• Inkjet
• Unit for stretching film on input
• Vision systems
• Heating systems (oil, gas, steam, electric)

Technical characteristics Next 350

NEXT 350

Print Width


 1000 and 1300

Print Repeat


450 / 920

Max Mechanical Speed



Tension range


4 / 48



Solvent and water base

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