Part of Uteco Group is ConverDrome®, composed by high level professional people, operating in the research, development and adjustment of Uteco equipments processes, through:

  • Just-in-time demos
  • Optimization of the “turn key” solutions”
  • Uteco Academy (training, seminars, conferences)

The ConverDrome® facility is where one can see some Uteco machines at disposal to our clients for printing or laminating demonstrations, for operators’ training as well as new R&D technologies or applications. We consider our Converdrome a very important resource for all the Uteco clients who want to see our machines running and consult our highly specialized staff - an essential part of it.

Our Activities

Our main goal at the Uteco Tecnology Center: ConverDrome®, is to satisfy the needs and requirements of our Company and our Customers.

The UTC team verifies the machine performance in every part, including the accessories and examine new solutions to improve the product and its operability before customer’s arrival for printing trials or testing.

Our team performs also the commissioning of the machines after their installation at the customer site as well as training of different levels for customer operators.

UTC collaborates with the R&D Engineering Department to develop new technologies, (like P2P® - IDP)  solutions and products which have to be tested and approved before their sale.

Our targets

  • Obtain the maximum quality in printing measured according to European ISO Standard in every condition and machine configuration
  • Obtain the maximum quality on printed and converted products by utilizing the Standard regulations of the Flexible Packaging
  • Support our partners analyzing their performances with the aim of improving their products applied on our machinery and propose to the market always the latest technologies
  • Support the institutional partners (Graphic Schools) to test their theoretical research  with practical verification on real printing machines
  • Direct consulting with Irpack in order to reach and maintain European Standards on the converted products