Color Control quality table

Recommended for color control close to the machine or in quality office.

Equipped with two light sources normalized to 5000 ° Kelvin, allowing a correct view of color both in transparent and in reflection.

The side walls prevent dangerous interference of external light during viewing and drawer supplied is a great way to store your precious originals.

Specifically designed for the following areas: Flexo and Rotogravure.

Trolley for sleeves

Self-propelled trolley on pivoting wheels for manual handling for storage and transportation of printing plates and anilox sleeves.

The trolleys can be coupled one to another and pulled by a forklift. 

Available in different shapes and sizes depending on the quantity, model and format requested.

Plate mounters

Complete range of plate mounters, available for all printing ranges and developments. Plate mounters are available in configuration for sleeves, cylinders, universal (cylinders + sleeves), medium range (800 – 1,200 mm) and narrow range (< 700 mm, for cylinders with or without a shaft).

The use of a software interface based on the Microsoft Windows system allows to make the use of our machines flexible, adapting them to the requirements of the operator.
Plate mounter machines are designed around videocameras and the software that manages them. These plate mounters are provided with a self-adapting system (which does not require you to lift the cylinder in order to focus the video cameras according to the various diameters or developments) and self-learning. This allows them not to be strictly bound to pre-defi ned positions when mounting the plate.

All of this thanks to the patented Virtual Image system, which allows even mounting plates with no references (crosses, microdots...), and to the Virtual Proof system, which allows carrying out mounting tests and virtual overlapping of plates, simulating the error on a print test drum. The plate mounters therefore allow to have high productivity and fl exibility no longer based on the experience, preparation and skill of the installer, but on its simplicity of use.