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Free Webinar | December 2, 2020

Uteco and Sun Chemical present the new era of solvent-free lamination.

On December 2 there will be the world preview presentation of the DUALAM™, a new laminating and coating machine with the innovative solvent-free adhesive lamination system of the same name designed by Sun Chemical/DIC

1st Session. 9:00 a.m. (CET)
2nd Session. 17:00 p.m. (CET)
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The new era of solvent-free lamination

Take part in the preview presentation of the new DUALAM™ with a live demo of its revolutionary performance, followed by a Q&A session.

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Thanks to the innovative DUALAM™ technology, the adhesive is applied without solvent, ensuring sustainability and high performance

Sustainable development is a priority for companies all over the world, which are faced with new market challenges. In the food industry in particular, packaging must not only meet increasingly stringent regulations, it must also guarantee a faster production process within the supply chain, while maintaining a low environmental impact.

These considerations led to the creation of DUALAM™ technology, a perfect combination between the laminating machine with the innovative Thermilox coating system designed by Uteco, the new range of two-component solvent-free adhesives developed by Sun Chemical/DIC, and in-line quality control by the Synaptik company.

Thanks to the two-component adhesive application technology by means of two coating groups, one solvent-free and one semiflexo, DUALAM™ drastically reduces the time needed for the use of the combined material, ensuring greater productivity through a more sustainable process. Innovation at the service of customers, along with the environment.

The DUALAM™ machine will be able to meet the needs of many emerging converting machines in terms of production efficiency, cost reduction and, naturally, sustainability.

Aldo Peretti, President and CEO – Uteco Group.

This collaboration aims at enabling our customers and any other converters to take advantage of the benefits of the DUALAM™ system to step towards achieving their sustainability goals.

Nicolas Bétin, Director of Product Strategy EMEA & Global Sustainability Business leader– Sun Chemical.


DUALAM™, the industry's most advanced lamination system.

Discover some of the distinctive features of the new Uteco machine.

High-speed coating system for the differentiated adhesive Fast times for reticulation and development of the mechanical strength properties of the laminate
Reduced material storage times in the warehouse Patented Thermilox® technology
Infrared technology for uniform control of the applied systems Automatic 3-minute washing system

And much more... to discover together