UTECO: 2017 Summary and 2018 Events


First of all, Uteco Team would like to wish to everybody a great 2018, and the occasion to inform about the preliminary results of Uteco Group, related to 2017.

NEW RECORD IN SALES: In 2017 we have signed orders for 142,5 mln € (+ 9,62% against 2016).

This result is reflecting, from one side, the strengthening of our leadership in the Flexo press sector, where Uteco, today, is the major player worldwide, starting from the US and European Market, thanks to many innovative printing solutions (EB, UV LED, water base…).

On the other side Uteco is recording a constant grow also in the Eastern country markets, as well as in all the other technologies in the printing (Rotogravure, Digital, Roto-offset), and Converting field, with the new coating and laminating lines.

In 2017, Uteco has caught the attention of the markets thanks to 6 new machines models:
Rotogravure: NXS 300 and Next 350
Digital: Gaia ibrid-digital/EB and Sapphire Evo
Coating and Laminating: Rainbow 4.0 and Mistral MV.

These new models represent Uteco's willingness and determination to offer avant-garde technological solutions, many of them already patented in order to guarantee, to Uteco customers, the return of investment in a short time and a clear advantage over the competition.


FOCUS ON 2018 TARGETS: Uteco will keep intensifying the investments in R&D also in the 2018, thanks to the parallel increase in production volumes, to the further consolidation of the income orders as well as to the strong and positive financial situation.

The focus for 2018 will be oriented to the constant expansion and optimization of the production processes, at all the levels: organizational (Industry 4.0, Lean Production, 6Sigma, 5S, automatic kanban...), machinery (new lines and machining centres) and resources.

Particular attention has to be given to the continuous development of the Service division, with the recruitment and training of new mechatronic engineers, in the face of more than 3000 machines installed and an increase, year after year, of more than 100 machines.

The Sales and logistic structure will be additionally powered, in line with the Uteco South East Asia Branch, in other strategic areas of the world.
With reference to the marketing events, Uteco is involved in the ongoing organization of the most important international event marked “Made in Italy” with the Print4All, part of the INNOVATION ALLIANCE, at the Milan Exhibition Centre on May / June 2018. This event will be the most important European Event in 2018, at the same level as the German Drupa and Kunstoffe. At the same time, Uteco is organizing a dedicated OpenHouse to show some machines in operation.

Looking to the future, Uteco is first of all reinforcing its objectives of continuous growth also in the Business Plan 2018-20, in terms of sales, product range, innovative developments, investments in resources and equipments (starting from the new factory Uteco Plant number 4, in the second part of 2018).

These targets will give hope of reaching the result of 150 millions € one year in advance with respect to the original plan, and the 200 millions € in the following years, also on the basis of possible potential acquisitions.