In the last few years the Uteco Group, already well known as a global leader for flexographic and rotogravure printing using solvent/water-based inks, have introduced various printing technologies which, as usual, have enjoyed great success.

Amongst the printing technologies introduced are the technologies relating to EB green, LED UV and digital printing.  The latter technology was realised to offer a secure personalisation of flexible packaging and has been tested by the most important brand proprietors in the Food & Beverage and Healthcare sectors.
Parallel to this Uteco is also dedicated to the development of technological innovations in many other industrial sectors such as coating and laminating and even the aerospace sector.  This is being achieved thanks to an ever more modern internal organisation (Lean-6Sigma, Kan-Ban, SAP) which has been structured in line with the Industria 4.0 initiative and is backed up by investments in human resources, machinery and the new UT4 plant in Italy.

Another example of our commitment to the printing industry is the cooperation between Contiweb, DG press and Uteco, resulting in the integration of the Uteco UV Chrystal Sil Hybrid Units , unwinder and rewinder in the Contiweb Thallo web offset printing system, several installations of which were sold successfully in EMEAR and the Americas since drupa 2016.

Both Uteco and DG press will be attending the upcoming Print4All exhibition. Uteco’s internal and international sales team will be present in pavilion 18-Stand E02/G01, with live demonstrations of 2 important technological developments:
-GAIA, the EB digital inkjet machine whose performance has been greatly improved thanks to the use of different and more effective DOD inkjets and to the use of the latest generation of inks.
-RAINBOW 4.0, The solvent less laminating machine in line with Industry 4.0 which allows for considerable savings in time and production costs.
At the same time, it will also be possible to watch the demos, taking place during the Open House at Uteco Italy, of the SAPPHIRE EVO, a hybrid machine specialising in digital/analogical CIJ-Stream technologies printing and the latest generation rotogravure machine NXS 300, characterised by its modular and ultra compact design, it is completely automatic and suitable for short production runs. The NXS 300 will be printing using water-based inks thanks to the latest developments in the green technology and to the remarkable results obtained in partnership with important ink producers.

The concomitance of these events will contribute to further reinforce not only Uteco’s image as worldwide leader and global player in printing and laminating technologies but also further consolidates its long existing partnership with DG press, who will also be present at Print4All in pavilion 18, Stand F38.