Uteco 4.0

Uteco Group proves to keep up with the times, by investing and operating in the main fields of application that make the industry "4.0". Uteco accomplishes this by giving new impetus to investments, with particular attention to those in research, development, knowledge and innovation. What is called the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", which will lead to the connection of innovative technologies within the manufacturing industry (in general), is partly already implemented and partly in progress within Uteco Group.

Internal production: Uteco is the only Company amongst the printing press manufacturers that has a department for mechanical processing. This highly automated department is equipped with 3 + 2 axis numerical control machines for the boring mill and furthermore with 4-axis turning centers with performance monitoring and optimization of working cycles.

All Uteco production machineries are equipped with calculation software O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), which supplies information on the press efficiency during production process. It also allows for the supervision of activity and inactivity times. Moreover, it controls functions and indicates possible alarms or functioning faults. This allows the system to operate efficiently by reducing non-production times.

Interconnection and interface: Uteco machines are interconnected by means of a remote pc which receives and catalogs information, having also a dialog with the machine manufacturer. This simplifies the real time communication and the continuous supervision process.

Data management and data storage: Uteco is investing in a software system which will allow for the “cloud” data migration. Presently Uteco is using a performing open-source backup software which can manage, verify and, if needed, recover data restoring critical lost or damaged files. Uteco is improving business continuity in case of interruptions thanks to an innovative continuity business system which foresees a back up server to support the main one in case of malfunction or break up.

Uteco works with a high performing CRM system which allows to reinforce, improve and establish a better exchange of information and greater interconnection between the Customer and the Company. Our CRM software supplies technological solutions to automate the direct contact business process. It is designed for a smart dialogue with the user, sending alerts for any error or malfunction. In addition, the data extraction improves the knowledge of the Customer to support and facilitate a better business relationship.

Personnel management: the new systems for the online and mobile management leads to a fully computerized system.

Engineering field: 3D mechanical design software allows to work in prototyping different and specific fields in order to get information as single pieces and features automatically generated lists, renderings, tables and the interference analysis.

A software for structure calculation is implemented to forecast the real world product functionality.

Other investments are planned as part of the product life cycle management (PLM), which will allow the creation of a coherent data structures by means of the systems consolidation as well as to design, build and provide for product collection. Moreover, it allows the Company to take unified decisions (according to a cross-path logic which involves all business fields) in every stage of the product life cycle.

Personnel management: the new systems for the online and mobile management leads to a fully computerized system.

Still in the "4.0 Industry" target, Uteco stands at the forefront in the manufacturing field, technologies and innovative solutions, always keeping an eye to the future.

The high automation printing presses manufactured by Uteco minimize the need of human intervention and guarantee an even higher accuracy and safety.

The machines are also equipped with digital interfacing systems that allow a continuous dialogue between Uteco and the Customer, offering support during job setting and remote service. The innovative UDAA systems (Uteco Data Acquisition Analisys) and Data Collection serve this purpose. The UDAA, in particular, is interconnected to the printing machine and has the ability to acquire, process and store all sensitive data for the analysis of energy and ink consumption, and of the machine efficiency (or of more machines at the same time), generating automatic reports, which are then made available to the Customer through a web interface.

Uteco provides an interface in regard to the supply chain with strategic suppliers, both in terms of co-design and just-in-time logistic integration.

Moreover, thanks to a profitable collaboration with Swansea University, Uteco has developed a study about  RFID (Radio-Frequency IDentification) technology, that makes "smart" the objects on which they are installed. It can be applied in many field, such as electronic money, ticketing, electronics, logistics, for tracking, control and identification, as well as for monitoring, remote assistance and anti-theft.

Finally, Uteco Group is committed in leading-edge studies concerning the digital printing introduced to their printing technologies, in order to reach hybrid solutions, starting with the automotive field.

Digital technology will allow an increasing just in time flexible information integration with the promotional marketing of the final users and Food & Packaging main brands.

Uteco: always one step ahead!