ATF-FLEXO France, December 9-10 2015


The 17th ATF-FLEXO (Flexographic French Technical Association) convention took place last 9th-10th December in Chamonix (France). The theme of the event, gathering  the main field professionals, was identified in innovation.
Uteco Group, represented by Mr. Matteo lanata, Uteco Export Sales Manager, attended the panel discussion about Sustainable Innovation,  presenting the main lines on which the company is moving:
- Product studies (for energy optimization, consumption measurement, engines and processes efficiency increase and  timings use optimization, as well as  waste reducing functions).
- New projects development (through the special modules study, among which the innovative drying system CUBE, the adoption of waste avoiding solutions in the construction phase, such as the modularity of the blocks).
- Industrial processes optimization (through the Lean manufacturing, pre-installation groups, semifinished marking, the operations complete traceability  as well as the one of each individual product).
- Synergy (namely the start up the Converdrome center, focused on innovation and research, where the customer's ideas can be transformed into sustainable solutions through Uteco technicians, high level skilled professionals working in the development and the systems process development and finalization).