29 – 30 November Coating & Laminating Days at Uteco


The two “Coating and Laminating Days” were held on the 29th and 30th of November at Uteco, with the presentation of the new coating line Mistral Wax / Hot Melt designed for paraffin processing, waxes and hot melts at temperatures up to 180 degrees.

Thanks to the research of new technologies and technical solutions, the Mistral HM (Hot Melt) is designed for high reliability and functionality with reduced job changeover times and waste and it is available in different configurations to meet the growing needs and demands of the sector.

Among the many advantages of the machine the followings have to be underlined: compact construction, precise tape tension, excellent temperature control of the spreader cylinder and the tank (both independently thermoregulated), use of interchangeable trolleys, uniformity of weight, flexibility in the various coating processes:

- Single side hot-melt coating and in register

- Single side high gloss and matt wax coating

- Double side wax coating simultaneously

- Wax lamination of aluminum / paper

The Mistral HM is also supplied with the fuser, a recirculation tank with dedicated pumps and heated pipes.

Main machine characteristics:

Web width 1500 mm maximum

Running speed up to 300 m / min

Coating weight from 2 gsm to 20 gsm

Tension range 4-50 daN