Uteco Converting S.p.A., located in Colognola ai Colli, Verona-Italy, is a world wide leading company in the fields of printing and coating & laminating. Due to the huge  investments in Innovation and Resource and the direct contact with the most important Brand Owner in the “food packaging” as well in the “Hygiene & baby care packaging” sectors, UTECO has developed a unique multiprocess solution that has zero impact in the environment.

This unique solution is based on four processes integrated in the same machine:





The innovation developed, thanks also to some patented features by Uteco, is obtained through the Electron Beam technology.

What is the principle:  at the base of the process there is the use of the electrons for curing the inks as well the adhesive for the lamination. Electrons are parts of the atoms and their internal energy is very high and is related to the energy used for their acceleration. The main aspect is that this energy is enough to grant the fully penetration in the inks and coatings to activate the polymerization reaction.


What are the advantages: In comparison with the other technologies, as well water based or solvent based or UV inks, the new technology is really a big step forward. Just some of them:  

-Safe for the human use, no contamination

-Safe for the environment. All the items in charge of the solvent are absolutely deleted.
No risks of explosion, pollution, contamination.

-The inks and coatings don’t need photoinitiators, that means zero migration problems.  

-The absence of smell and odor, the scratch resistant,  the stability after the curing

-The coating in line process and the slitting integrated, is a real great improvement:
 three machines in one, without waiting for the usual time necessary for the stability of the adhesive granting a time to market non comparable with the normal time.

Another relevant feature is related to the speed at which all these processes occur. Thanks to the patented solution Thermilox, Uteco can grant production speed up to 400 m/min, accordingly to the materials and the process.

It is very important, also, to underline some of the other Uteco new developments, beside the Flexo presses.

In the “conventional” technologies, for example, the rotogravure range is increased with the new narrow web NXS 300 and the new NEXT 350, while in the innovative “hybrid digital” field the Sapphire Evo follows  the huge success of the Sapphire presented during last Drupa, in Germany.