Uteco at the top of the list of "100 Top Performer Venetian Companies "


The second appointment with the Champion Companies (the companies that, despite the crisis, managed to grow, one of all Uteco Converting Spa) was held on Monday 11th September, in Padua, in the suggestive context of the conference room of Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto.

The meeting, promoted by Centro Studi of VeneziePost, was based on the research carried out by Deal Advisory on the 100 Top Performer companies of the Venezie and is was promoted in collaboration with Banca Intesa - Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto.

“We have made a careful analysis of some extraordinary cases, hoping that these companies could be the expression of a generalized phenomenon. The purpose of the research was to study, monitor, analyze in a vertical way individual business cases, in order to identify the strategic levers used by companies that are now strong and robust on the market”.

Caterina Dalla Torre (Partner Deal Advisory)

During the event, the same entrepreneurs explained in a first-hand how and through which strategies it was possible to get out of the crisis and continue to grow until the financial structure was consolidated.

Uteco Converting, which occupies the top of this ranking, was represented by the CFO and chief executive of the Company, Simone Quinto.

 “Our only limit is the physical space,” - says Quinto. "We are strongly linked to Food, since we are mainly food packaging producers, a business that grows steadily. We strive to achieve the best results in a solid and ever-evolving industry and we also do it by promoting our land as a synonym for quality and excellence. Our production, our machines, our technologies are entirely Italian. Working in Uteco means not merely assembling components, it means study, research, skills, print trials, testing and results.

 “Today we are strong also thanks to Uteco's focus on management. Investing in managerial figures means investing in skills that aim to meet the work efficiency in a scenario that is as dynamic as the company, creating value and bringing it to financial, economic and organizational excellence. The same managers invested in Uteco and its potential, becoming group shareholders and this has proved to be a far-sighted strategy that has allowed Uteco to be today's leader in its field with a strong and winning DNA”.

During the Question Time session, the issue of 4.0 also emerged: how do top performance companies today approach Enterprise 4.0? Which tools and resources do they use?

Quinto responds to the question: "We work on the prospect of what the customer requires and may require, so that our machines are enabled to support the most innovative electronics and for this reason we consider ourselves a 4.0 company. As regards the Human Resources we work in two different directions: on the one hand, we go directly to the best universities, ensuring that we can work with the most capable young engineers who enter our nursery with training courses and the opportunity to learn on the field. On the other hand, assisted by the support of a company that helps us in the selection phase, we go directly to the best technical institutes in Verona and Vicenza and give to the most deserving students the opportunity to enter Uteco directly."

These are the main ingredients that have allowed Uteco to reach the summit of the "100 Little Lions of the Northeast" rankings, as per the definition given by defined the Corriere della Sera in the article published on Monday, May 8th, 2017 in the Economics section and available online in the "Press" section of