Uteco hosted a delegation of 40 journalists from all over the world (accompanied by the ICE)


Following the Print4All Conference held in Milan on September 12th and 13th, bringing together technology makers, processors and printers, brand owners and journalists prior to of the important event “Print4All 2018” under the multi-event "Innovation Alliance" , Uteco hosted a delegation of 40 journalists from all over the world (accompanied by the ICE, National Institute for Foreign Trade) for a guided tour of the entire establishment.

During the visit, guests were able to attend a brief corporate presentation, held by the Sales Manager for Spain, Portugal and Latin America Alessandro Baldo, who highlighted the strengths points of the group.

The Group CEO's intervention, Mr. Aldo Peretti was also important, as he emphasized the historical and future interest that Uteco has on foreign markets, always strong in service and training, both at the facility and at customers, and availability to any event and initiative on site, both promotional and divulgative-technological.

The presentation was followed by a plant tour, which allowed guests to see Uteco's working reality, from the technical offices located in the Headquarter to the production department based both in the main establishment and in the new Uteco plant 3 and where the machines physically live.

This day was a very important occasion for Uteco to get better acquainted with markets such as Maghreb, Egypt, Iran and Turkey, where the Group is aiming to expand further.