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Table for color and quality control

Our quality control is fast and highly reliable and is compliant with ISO standards. In addition, it allows easy access to samples, documents and tools thanks to the drawers that are provided with the worktable. Finally it is also transportable from one machine to another. 

  • No shadows and light reflections 

  • Low influence of external light 

  • Normalized Neon D50/D65 lights for correct spectral emission 

  • Worktable dimensions for perfect fit of any size of printed support

  • Tavolo controllo
Tavolo controllo
Features of the light table 

The light table is equipped with two normalized light sources at 5000°/6500° Kelvin that allow the correct display of the color of the print, both in transparency and in reflection. 

The side walls prevent interferences of external light when viewing the sample. The presence of six drawers underneath the control area allows the filing of important original documents and other tools for printers. 

Technical Specifications
Power supply 230Vac 50 Hz (power ~ 600 W)
Upper Neon characteristics 5 Neon tubes of 58 W each D50 Certified (5000 °K) + dimmer
Lower Led characteristics 7 Led bars Non-certified (5000 °K) + dimmer
Illuminance area 1500 x 900 mm
Hour meter Included (only for upper ceiling light)
Number of draws 6 (Internal dimensions 1520 x 945 x 68 mm)
Working Temperature From 5 °C to 40 °C (humidity from 20 to 80% non-condensing)
Mechanical dimensions ~ 1660 x 2360 x 1150 mm (LxHxP)
Weight ~ 230-350 Kg
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