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Multilayer is a laminate of different types of material that provides an excellent food and beverage preservation system. Among the models offered in the Uteco catalog are gravure, flexographic and digital printing presses and C&L options to meet all your needs.

Pouch/Household detergent

To customize pouches in the personal care industry, excellent color rendering and printing accuracy are very important. Thanks to our machines, it is possible to work with all kinds of materials and formats to create your pouches.

Pouch/Coffee packs

Packaging intended for coffee must have an excellent print output that communicates the quality and value of the product contained within to the end customer. For this reason, it is essential for Uteco to ensure printing and laminating presses that preserve the accuracy of the image and the aroma and freshness of the coffee.

pet food
Pouch/Pet Food

For this type of packaging, the print quality that our machines, such as the Diamond HP flexo and the roto range Next/NXS, can offer you is always important. As with other food-grade packaging, it is critical that the material be treated in a way that ensures that the food it contains remains fresh and flavorful.

Liquid Food Packaging

Uteco machines, such as the Onyx and NXS 300, can also print on Liquid Food Packaging, a multilayer with a high level of resistance to impacts, punctures, chemicals and high temperatures.

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The packaging evolution

The packaging is commonly defined as an object made of various materials, with the intention of storing, protecting, transporting, shipping or presenting the products inside. Historically, the primary function of packaging is to protect the product, and facilitate transport. Over the years, however, he has also taken on other roles: information and marketing.
As for the protective role, traditionally, the product's packaging plays a fundamental role in the conservation and transport of the same, preventing any damage and extending its duration. This takes on even greater importance in the food industry, where products, often perishable, need to be stored in specific conditions. Innovation in the field of packaging allows the use of new materials that ensure greater integrity of the product itself, a longer shelf-life, and also a greater sustainability.