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Machines with EB Drying Technologies

Electron Beam Curing has several Applications in the Printing & Converting Industry 

  • Printing: EB for Printing Inks Curing 

  • Coating: EB for Coatings Curing (e.g. Varnish/Lacquer) 

  • Laminating: EB for Adhesive Curing in Laminating Structures 

  • Onyx EB
Onyx EB
Features and advantages of EB technology 

EB for CI flexographic printing  

Electron beam curing is a sustainable alternative to traditional drying:  

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption: no need to equip the press with inter-color drying boxes around the central drum 

  • Reduced overheating of the CI, resulting in less use of the cooling system (chill roll) 

EB for curing laminate adhesives 

  • Adhesives cure instantly enabling following advantages: 

  • no need for heating rooms for reels’ curing 

  • reels cutting can be done on the press immediately after printing   

  • Adhesion of laminates is stronger 

EB for coatings curing  (e.g., varnish/lacquer)   

  • Instant polymerization   

  • Immediate heat sealing and reel cutting   

  • Better gloss, matte & soft touch effect   

  • Better scratch resistance 

Technical Specifications
Onyx 810
Colors EB Printing 8
Print on many materials Anche film traspiranti
Mechanical speed (m/min) 400 m/min
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