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Paper is still the most common and widespread tool for promoting one's brand. Half a million tons of it are produced every year, despite the highest marked affirmation of the digital revolution. In Uteco's machine ranges you can find the solution that best suits your performance and result needs.

Borsa blu
Paper Bag

Paper bags are one of the most popular processes and must bring very high color rendering and quality output. Uteco machines can print on glossy, rolled, and coated paper without compromising its strength.

piatto carta
Paper based household items

Paper household items we can print on include wallpapers, plates, cups, packaging boxes and much more. With such a wide variety of materials and formats, it is important for us to ensure a consistent performance and quality across all the machine ranges that we provide.


Wallpaper must meet special quality standards in terms of color rendition and printing details. To ensure vivid colors and high-definition images for your customers, Uteco printing presses are the right tools.

carta regalo
Wrapping paper

We can print on gift cards with different material bases and processes thanks to machine ranges designed for short, medium and long runs that guarantee print outputs of the highest quality at all times.

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The advantages of recycled paper

The use of recycled paper brings various benefits to the environment:
- It does not require the felling of new trees.
- Waste that is disposed of in landfills is minimized.
- The production process requires less energy.
- The production process with recycled paper requires less use of chemicals