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Reel handling trolley

Our reel handling trolley allows safe operations and is easy to use, to ensure maximum efficiency and versatility in the mechanical lifting and transport operations of even the bulkiest reels. In addition, it is customizable, as per customer’s request.  

  • Carrello porta bobine
Carrello porta bobine
A reliable tool to carry your reels

The trolley is designed to facilitate operators in the frequent handling and lifting operations of the reels, improving safety within the working environment. Its use will reduce set-up time during the production phase. 

Handling and lifting can be manual and/or electric, depending on the chosen model. 

The reel-holder cradle is designed to hold even the largest and heaviest reels and it can be equipped either with a tilting or lateral translation system, as per customer’s request.

Easy handling 

  • Safe and reliable during delicate handling operations 

  • Ergonomic and easy control 



  • Fast and automatic, for quick and safe set-up 

  • Shorten downtime and job change 

Technical Specifications
Capacity From 500 to 800 Kg
Diameter From 80 up to 1000 mm
Capacity From 500 to 1360 Kg
Diameter From 80 up to 1020 mm
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