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Our sustainable commitment includes not only the environment, but also our people: we establish and deepen in relationships of mutual trust, based on transparency, openness and listening. In this way we are able to understand the ever-changing expectations and needs of stakeholders.

We operate while respecting people and environment

We offer products which stand out because they are innovative and equipped with cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technologies

The added value of our products, as well as in terms of return on investment and competitiveness, can be measured in the operators’ safety, in the workplace healthiness and in the reduced environmental impact. In fact, in several countries, environmental legislation prescribes increasingly strict limitations for the emissions of volatile organic compounds. In such context, we have developed printing machines lines that work with water-based inks, do not release noxious fumes and use environmentally friendly technologies. 

EB: safe technology for food and environment

EB – Electron Beam drying inks do not release solvent fumes and they are the most suitable for printing food packaging. Thanks to the EB technology our machines are ergonomic, efficient and eco friendly. All flexo lines can be equipped with it.