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Our Values

We offer products that stand out because they are innovative and equipped with cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technologies.

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Flex-converting is a neologism formed by two words: flexible and converting

It brings together the concept of flexibility in delivering a tailor-made product to our customers with the world of flexible packaging and the converting industry. 

‘Join the flex-converting’ is more than a payoff, it is a call to action where we ask people to choose Uteco and come with us on a journey where the customer is at the center of every product we design and engineer. 


Our vision is about supporting modern society in the development of new lifestyles that enable the innovation and the sustainability of packaging; our goal aligns with its social function and values for a better future.

What we believe in

Long-lasting relationships of trust with clients and business partners, embracing transparency, empathy, and integrity.


A pragmatic vision that looks ahead, envisioning the next generation of businesses through integrated and innovative solutions, to make a real difference.


A reliable partner, fully committed to excellence, meeting quality and durability standards. Proven industry experience and a demonstrated track record of performance and know-how.


A human-centered corporate philosophy that creates long-lasting relationships of trust and added value with clients, for clients.


A synergic team of professionals, working with fervor, dynamism and a strong credo to achieve valuable results and effective solutions. 

Uteco worldwide

Today our headquarters is located in Colognola ai Colli and covers an operational space area of 75.000 mq. Since October 2000 we have a commercial office, Uteco North America, in Atlanta (GA). With this branch we guarantee all North American customers the technological support, a warehouse, and an area dedicated to machinery demonstrations.