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Special Finishing

Special finishings are additional treatments and techniques applied to the materials during the printing process delevoped to enhance the visual appeal, functionality, and overall quality of the printed packaging. These finishings are often chosen to meet specific requirements related to product protection, preservation, branding, sustainability, or regulatory compliance.

In Uteco we he have all the capabilities to finish you packaging with a wide range of options set to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and sensory experience of the packaging leading to the creation of a captivating and memorable packaging allowing brands to differentiate their products and appeals to consumers.

Paper touch
Paper Touch

The Paper Touch feature replicates the tactile sensation of paper on different materials by means of textured coatings or varnishes, embossing or debossing techniques to create a texture that closely resembles the feel of paper with the goal to enhance the packaging experience for consumers by providing a sensory element that mimics the familiarity and perceived quality of paper.


The Paper touch application turns packaging into an immersive and engaging experience and prioritizes the sustainability integrating its technology with eco-friendly materials, promoting a greener future without compromising on functionality or design.


Why Our Printing Solutions for Paper Touch?

  • We have many important references and deep experience with packaging finishing applications such as Paper Touch. The several lines successfully installed worldwide showcase Uteco’s ability to provide machines specifically designed for the application of paper touch technology. Our machines are fine-tuned to deliver the best finishing outcome!


  • For Paper Touch applications, our Flexo CI Presses are equipped with our customized in-line Paper Touch (PT) Rotogravure downstream units, running at high speed, up to 600mpm, and with great drying efficiency for a very high quality printing and finishing completely done in-line!
    According to the Customer’s demands Uteco will take care to provide the best solutions to satisfy the customer's requests in terms of production needs while at the same time holding in consideration their necessities with regards to the space reserved to our machine inside the production plants.
  • Our experience and expertise allow us to offer customized solutions, even with more complex in-line flexo and roto configurations, to meet the specific needs of our clients.
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