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Doctor blade trolley

The storage trolley is a sturdy construction equipped with pivoting wheels for the easy deposit and transport of the doctor blades.  

Thanks to our trolley, you can benefit from the prevention of possible damage due to incorrect storage of doctor blades to allow safe storage and time savings in handling operations. 

  • Stoccaggio camere racla
Stoccaggio camere racla
Easy and safe handling 

The light aluminium structure is provided with wheels, a cutter for the doctor blades, a support for the side seals and one for the cleaning liquid; it is also complete with removable doctor blade trays to facilitate handling

A LED lighting system allows operators to illuminate the workstation and carry out maintenance operations with greater safety, checking the state of wear at the end of the work. 

Technical Specifications
No. drawers 5 removable drawers, each for 2 doctor blades
Measure of cutter Integrated aluminum cutter with centimeter scale up to 180 cm
Max capacity 10 doctor blades
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