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Programmed Maintenance

We offer a Programmed Maintenance service to ensure optimum performance of the printing system at all times, guaranteeing maximum reliability and profitability of the production process. 

Programmed Maintenance
The best performances for your machine

The adoption of a program of scheduled maintenance visits guarantees the correct and effective functioning of the machine, optimizing its performance and reducing its possible downtimes. 

The maintenance program proposed by Uteco covers a three-year action plan that counts the specific activities to be carried out during the reference period and the replacement of all components listed during the inspection visit (spare parts not included). 

Increase machine’s lifespan

Effective functioning for long periods of time.

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce up to 25% the maintenance costs.

Reduction of machine downtimes

Reduce negative impacts on productivity.

Improve safety and reliability

Make the workplace a safer environment.

Two 3-Years Plans
Manutenzione preventiva
Programmed Maintenance on out-of-warranty machines

The first year includes a two-day inspection to assess the condition of the machine, followed by a three-day Follow-Up visit.  

During the second and third years, a standard annual maintenance visit will be carried out, each one lasting for two days and with two technicians assigned to each Uteco machine planned. 

Programmed Maintenance on machines on warranty or all maintenance renewal plans

3-year plans with one standard maintenance visit per year, each one lasting for two days and with two technicians assigned to each Uteco machine planned. 

How to request the service?

Our Programmed Maintenance service can be activated:  

  • Via Help-line, by contacting the nearest Service Point 

Do you need more information?

Contact us to find out all the useful information about our Programmed Maintenance service.