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Digital printing re-invention

Uteco innovation always flies high

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We introduce new cutting-edge technologies capable of getting better and more efficient printing processes. The research we conducted in the digital printing field has led to so advanced machines as to combine all the advantages of the digital technologies – resulting in reduced production times and costs – with a very high printing quality, comparable to flexo, roto and offset quality performances.

The Future of Digital Printing

In 2032 the digital printing will account for almost a quarter of the global value of all print and printed packaging and for a total value of $230.5 billion. Inkjet accounted for 61.4% of digital print value with 62.4% of volume in 2022. This will increase to 74.1% of value and 77.5% of volume in 2032.

Digital print markets will develop inside the broader print market, which is shifting towards an increasingly digitalised world. Print markets depend on end-user preferences that are subject to the wider economic situation as well as specific trends and drivers.