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Sleeves trolley

The sleeve trolley is a solid construction for handling, temporary storage and transport of plate sleeves and anilox. Its pivoting wheels for manual handling allow safe, easy and quick movement in the production area to facilitate operators. The trolleys can be coupled one to another and pulled by a forklift.  

  • Carrello per maniche
Carrello per maniche
Fast and easy transport of sleeves and anilox 

The horizontal orientation of the support bars facilitates the extraction and insertion of the sleeves thanks to a better management of the production space next to the machine and a reduction time for moving and job change. 



  • Safe and effective storage operations 

  • Time saving in the handling of the sleeves in the production area 



  • Easy and safe transport thanks to the handle and the system of wheels 

  • Ergonomic design for easy transport 



  • Increased life cycle of the sleeves thanks to the protection against accidental scratches 

Technical Specifications
Max capacity 30 Kg for sleeve
Number of sleeves 6, 9, 12 as per customer request
Max dimensions Depending on the version
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