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Sleeve storage system

Multi-level and adjustable sleeve storage for different lengths that protects against ovalization, accidental contacts and falls. Our sleeves storage system guarantees safe warehouse handling operations with a recovery of underused spaces thanks to the better management of the production space

  • Stoccaggio delle maniche
Stoccaggio delle maniche
Protect your plates

The vertical and modular storage system prevents plates, carrier and anilox from being left on the ground in the area close to the machine, and exposed to the risk of damage. 

The flexible configuration makes it easily adaptable to the needs of the production layout of the customer’s plant: in fact, the system can be implemented with the addition of modules for future capacity extensions



• Storage of up to 200 sleeves in multiple rows and levels  

Modular and extensible 



• Durable structure in painted anti-torsion steel, customizable as per customer’s request 

• Shell structure with suspended frames for quick access to sleeves



Long lasting sleeves thanks to the protection against accidental scratches and ovalization 

Technical Specifications
Model 1
Lenght From 0,8 to 5,2 m
Number of racks From 1 to 6
Height 3,4 m
Width 2,6 m
Number of draws 6 (Internal dimensions 1520 x 945 x 68 mm)
Working Temperature From 5 to 40 °C (Humidity from 20 to 80% non-condensing)
Mechanical dimensions ~ 1660 x 2360 x 1150 mm (LxHxP)
Weight ~ 230-350 Kg
Max load for each shelf 400 Kg
Max sleeve size (height) with two shelves each rack 1.340 mm
Model 2
Lenght From 2,4 to 4,5 m
Number of racks From 2 to 5
Height 3,4 m
Width 2,6 m
Max load for each shelf 400 Kg
Max sleeve size (height) with two shelves each rack 1.340 mm
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