NXS 300

The most innovative of Uteco roto printers

The ultra-compact modular for rotogravure printing, ideal for short and very short runs.


  • Rotogravure printing
  • Short and medium runs
  • Film, Plastic, Paper
  • Food & liquid packaging, Industrial Films

Compact and modular design with high automation

The NXS 300 concentrates the most innovative technological solutions in the category in a modular and small size design. It is the ultra-compact for rotogravure printing capable of offering high performance and great efficiency on short and very short runs. Printing on different materials, including plastic films, multiple types of packaging, from industrial packaging to food packaging.

The NXS 300 is particularly silent thanks to the completely encapsulated printing units to reduce VOC emissions and noise pollution, and thanks to the Combi drying system, which allows a strong reduction of noise as well as high energy savings. Other features of the NXS 300 are the high level of automation, with an automatically operated doctor blade and tray and bowl, and the very quick job change thanks to the double front trolley.

Technical features of the NXS 300

Standard model

Material widths (mm)

650 - 1050

Printing repeats (mm)

300 / 800

Maximum speed (m/min)


Tension range (daN)

2.5 - 35

Hoods length (m)

1.5 - 2.2 m, on the last unit 2.4 + 2.4 m


water based, solvent based

Reels diameter (mm)


Dimensions (m)

26 x 4.1 x 4.7


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