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FlexoDay and BestinFlexo 2021: 14 the award-winning Uteco customers

The 15th edition of Flexo Day in Bologna ended on November 18th, but this year the winners of the 2020 edition were also awarded at BestInFlexo.


The two-day program included two main events organized by ATIF: the quality award of flexographic printing, BestInFlexo, with which printers and pre-printers are celebrated, and the FlexoDay technical conference, the event par excellence of the Italian and international flexography community. It all started on Tuesday 17th with an afternoon session of FlexoDay, dedicated to entrepreneurs, and the awards ceremony in the evening; Wednesday 18th the second session with a more technical point of view, also broadcast in live streaming and now available on the ATIF YouTube channel at the link:


Strengthened by the investments in progress at the industrial level, by R&D and its presence on the market, Uteco confirms its leadership in flexographic technology, both as a technology in its own right and as an integrated solutions with rotogravure, special laminating, digital and offset. The decades of experience in the printing sector emerged once again with the 14 customers awarded at the BestinFlexo for their innovative packaging and designs of high technological value. Many of these clients have won multiple awards in multiple categories and for both editions of the ceremony.


Uteco Group is pleased to announce that Sacchettificio Nazionale Corazza won 1st place in the 2020 edition of the "narrow web" category and SDR Pack 2nd place. The award for the same category in the 2021 edition was won by Simplast Group (1st place) and by Flessofab (2nd place).


In the category "mid web reverse print" 2020 edition, the podium was conquered by FM Plastic and the 2nd place by Poligrafica Veneta, which won the prize for the same category and the same position also for 2021, while in 3rd place in 2021 Sititalia was positioned.


Alucart Spa and Ekaflex, respectively in 2nd and 3rd place, were the winners in the "mid web front print” category for the 2020 edition.


In the category "wide web front print" Cielle Imballaggi Srl won the bronze medal for the 2020 edition.


Regarding flexographic packaging of paper and cardboard, in the “narrow web” category SDR Pack (1st place) and Mainetti Bags (3rd place) reached the podium, while in the "paper/cardboard mid web" 2020 category the gold medal was earned by Formbags Spa and the silver medal by Cartotecnica Postumia Spa. For the 2021 edition Poligrafica Veneta came in 2nd place in the same category.


The "paper/cardboard wide web" category in 2020 was won by Cartotecnica Postumia in 1st place and by Europoligrafico Spa in 2nd place. Uteco had the honor to award the customer Europoligrafico Spa for winning 1st place and the customer Cartotecnica Postumia for winning 2nd place in the same category for the 2021 edition.


Finally, a special mention to Cartotecnica Postumia Spa which was awarded the "Best in Show" award for the 2020 edition in the Press category.


Uteco group congratulates all the customers who participated in the Atif initiative and all the winners of the flexographic printing on paper, cardboard and web awards and gives you an appointment at the 16th edition to be held next year in Bologna.