Diamond SIL

Diamond SIL

The best solution for special printing applications

Very high printing performances for special applications, thanks to its ergonomic design and the patented Uteco Direct Drive® technology.


  • In-line flexographic printing
  • Medium and long runs
  • Film, cardboard
  • Food & liquid packaging

Up to twelve colors choosing from all types of inks

Diamond SIL is the special Uteco machine suitable for the main applications in the liquid packaging sector, for printing on cardboard and on flexible film for continuous or in-register printing or coating.

Its configuration includes up to twelve color units and can be customized with all types of inks: water-based, solvent, EB, UV and UVLed. You can also choose among different types and lengths of hoods for the drying process, which is highly efficient with low energy consumption costs.

It has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use: all units are located at floor level, there are no ladders to climb or lifting platforms. The anilox sleeve change and the cliché sleeve change are quick and do not require the operator to use additional equipment.

Technical features of Diamond SIL

Model: 812

Mechanical speed (m/min)


Min. print repeat (mm)

360 / 500

Max. print repeat (mm)


Print widths (mm)

1000 / 1800

Material widths (mm)

1050 / 1850


water based - solvent based, UV/EB

Tension range (daN)

4 ÷ 90

Reels diameter (mm)

800 - 1000 - 1300

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