Coaters and Laminators

All the expertise of Uteco engineers at the service of the special machines.

Research and studies on new technologies are extensively applied to our lines of coating and laminating machines.

These special machines are the result of a complete synergy between our engineering skills and our technological systems, which we already tested in other printing fields widely.

We provide several coaters and laminators capable of working on different substrates, such as film, paper, aluminum, cardboard, PVC, suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging, as well as for products of the security and construction sectors (e.g., the substrate that covers roofs); they are also intended for the production of laminated aluminum-paper for cigarette packages, adhesive tapes and label tapes.

Our laminating machines are all supplied by an integrated coating and laminating system, which is multi-process and solvent-based, solventless or water-based. They are also featured with a highly flexible design that can be customized by combining optional innovative equipment and technologies.

Our best solution is yours